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About Us


Unmatched Customer Service

Mirian Law Firm is a Blackacre Law, Professional Corporation. Our firm provides you with close and personal attention. We will meet with you as often as you require and will return your calls within 12 hours.

We provide you with counsel’s direct and personal phone number to give you direct access when you need it most.

Our firm will assign a legal case manager who will be working closely on your case with the lawyer.

No Fee Guarantee

All initial consultations with our lawyers are FREE! 

In our personal injury practice, we get paid only if we are successful in recovering money on our client's behalf. The fees we charge are based upon a percentage of total recovery. Our retainer is based upon a mutually satisfactory financial arrangement that is fully explained in writing. There are no surprises at the conclusion of the case.

Cutting Edge Technology

There are several major technological tools that we have implemented at the firm in order to maximize efficiency and provide the greatest customer care. We have implemented an integration of cloud based and software applications in order to protect all our clients confidential information while being able to access such information.  

A technological tool that we have implemented is a practice management software application from Lexis Nexis called PC Law. PC Law allows us to organize and share information both in and out of the office. It provides a centralized calendar, allowing assistants to manage schedules for lawyers and avoid conflicts when booking meetings. 

We have also integrated applications that allow remote access to the office. This allows our lawyers and staff to connect easily and securely to our office computer systems from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto

Get the compensation you deserve. Contact our personal injury lawyers by phone or email today for a no-cost assessment. One of our associates will get in in touch with you.

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