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No one ever plans on becoming disabled, yet accidents can strike at any time. Most people are similar to our other clients, here at Mirian Law: They are concerned about being able to provide support for themselves and their family. The effects of a serious accident, illness, or personal injury can drastically change your daily routines, from your ability to maintain employment to providing for your family, and the effects it can have on your self-esteem.

Most people assume there insurance company will be there for them, should they find themselves disabled. However, this is not entirely the case, all of time. While disability benefits are not able to restore the same quality of life you previously had, they are meant to give you peace of mind knowing you are able to retain financial and mental stability. The results can be catastrophic when your insurance company is not there for you.

Mirian Law Helps You Get the Disability Benefits You Deserve

Our disability lawyersare here to help when you insurance company is not willing to provide the benefits you are entitled to receive. We review your insurance coverage to determine what benefits you should be receiving, assist with the application process, and ensure you benefits are not denied or delayed unreasonably.

Some Questions you may have about your disability coverage:

  • Differences between short-term and long-term disability coverage.
  • Who your insurance provider is and the type of coverage you have.
  • You rights as a disabled worker and what to do if wrongfully dismissed.
  • Whether your disability applies to your current employment and ability to work.
  • What steps to take, if you initially filed your disability claim and it was denied by you insurance company.

Why was my disability claim denied?

Unfortunately, we have seen cases where clients return to work because their insurance provider informed them they were not covered, not considered disabled, or their injury was related to a prior medical condition. Some people even put off applying for benefits and discover later they no longer can apply because they missed the deadline. In other cases, some employers tell their employees if they do not file a claim, they will cover their time off work and pay them, but then never do. It is easy to avoid putting yourself into these and other situations.

Contact an Experienced Disability Lawyer

We offer a free initial consultation and you don’t pay until your case is settled or won.

Our disability lawyers can work with your physicians to prove the extent of your disability while anticipating and countering insurers’ attempts to deny benefits.

For your convenience we offer:
  • Free initial consultations
  • No cost until the case is settled or won
  • Fluency in various languages including: Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi and many more
  • Availability for hospital and home visits
  • Availability for evening and weekend appointments
  • Accessibility via public transportation
  • Multiple offices including in North York, Markham, and Thornhill for clients’ convenience.

Contact the experienced disability lawyers at Mirian Law today for a free consultation to find out your legal rights and end your suffering.

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